Hallowe'en Supper

Reservations secured with $10 deposit

October 28th - 3pm to 7pm


Starter: Willow Witches' Brew Soup
Puréed Orange Swamp Toad
with Eyes of Fenny Frog and Legs of Bog Bugs
(Pumpkin and Black Bean, with Celery)

Entrée: Ghoul Ash
Roast Viper, dressed with Rats Tails
served with sides of Monkey Brains, diced Yellow Poison-Dart Frog and shredded Swamp Weeds
(Chicken Casserole, with Sage & Onion dressing, Mashed Potato, Sweet Corn Kernels and Julienne Broccoli)

Dessert: Wizard Whip
Mashed Bluebottle Flies with Lizard Blood Sauce
(Blueberry Mousse and Ice Cream drizzled with Strawberry Jus)

Beverage: Pumpkin Juice
As Harry Potter knows, this is a cure-all, the panacea for all ills
(Puréed pumpkin, apple and pineapple juices)

Diners in costume are less likely to suffer with stomach after burns

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